Folge 7 der Buchbesprechung `The Israeli Solution´ von Caroline Glick:

Folge 7 der Buchbesprechung `The Israeli Solution´ von Caroline Glick:

Dies ist der 7. Teil einer Buchbesprechung des Buches The Israeli Solution"von Caroline Glick. (Siehe hier:

von Robert Rickler

Die Briten machten Husseini zum bedeutendsten Führer in der arabischen Welt.




"… Samuel appointed Husseini the mufti of Jerusalem and elevated his status to that of grand mufti."


"… arguably, he was the most important leader in the Arab world in the twentieth century."


1937 wurde die Allianz mit den Nazis ins Leben gerufen. Deutschland unterstützte arabische Terroristen.




"… in 1937, the Germans began arming and funding the Palestinian Arab terror war against the Jews and the British in the Palestine Mandate. At the same time, they also began supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt."


Die Allianz war deutlich sichtbar in der arabischen Welt.




"Husseini did not seek to hide his new alliance with Germany. He reveled in it. His followers in the Land of Israel greeted one another with the Nazi salute and wore swastika armbands. At celebrations of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Arabs in Mandatory Palestine, as well as much of the rest of the Muslim world, flew Nazi and Italian fascist flags in the streets."




(Fortsetzung folgt.)

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